Who we are

14-14 (fourteen fourteen) is the most complete directory enquiries service in Belgium. From now on, you can call the premium number 14-14, where one of our operators will speak to you and help you in your search for telephone information:14-14 enables you to virtually find any publicly available telephone number. If you're looking for the number of an individual, a company, an administration, a professional, a mobile number ... in Belgium and abroad, 14-14 is simply the one number you need.

14-14 also offers you the possibility to perform reverse lookups, whereby you will be able to find the details (name, address, ….) belonging to the subscriber of a specific telephone. Thanks to 14-14 you may also search for almost all Belgian restaurants on basis of a name but also on basis of the type of cuisine offered.


14 reasons to call 14-14:

  • Simply the easiest number for directory enquiries
  • One single number for both national and international directory enquiries
  • A simple and cheaper pricing structure*
  • Very handy: thanks to its call-connect feature, 14-14 is in many instances able to connect you directly with the number you just found
  • Access to the most complete telephone directory databases available in Belgium
  • 14-14's telephone directory database are updated several times a week
  • A fast service thanks to our friendly and efficient operators
  • Available 7 days a week (initially between 8 am and 9 pm, soon around the clock)
  • 14-14 does not only provide you with the requested telephone number, but also (if available) with the full address
  • When calling from your mobile phone, you will receive the result by SMS
  • Even if you do not know the exact spelling of the name of a person or company, 14-14 will surely be able to help you
  • 14-14's reverse lookup service will often be able to give you a result
  • You can call 14-14 from any location: from the office of from home, using a fixed line or a mobile phone
  • Depending on your mobile operator, 14-14 is reachable even if you are roaming abroad
  • * When negotiating with Belgian telecom operators, 14-14 urged them to implement a set-up charge of no more than €4.89 followed by a per-minute charge of no more than €0.29, billed per second as of the first second, during the entire duration of the call (including, if applicable, during call-connect). However, the current legislation allows operators to decide themselves about the end-user price they charge. To find out more about the exact price of 14-14, please contact the customer service desk of your telecom operator.